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Satake's precision calorimeters feature a high level of test repeatability, and accuracy of test data to within 1%.
The first person to obtain accurate calorimetry measurements was the British physicist J.P.Joule, whose mid-nineteenth century experiments were the first to successfully establish the mechanical equivalence of heat.
The direct relationship between heat and energy proven by Joule remains the primary basis of today's tests for energy efficiency and calorimetry. Air conditioners are now widely used, and allow us to enjoy comfortable temperatures in all seasons.
Air conditioners and other types of refrigerating and air conditioning appliances have become indispensable for all industries, and their market is likely to keep expanding. Because of this, R&D work into high-efficiency refrigerating and air conditioning appliances is also increasing, and in this field, Satake calorimeters for measuring refrigerator and air conditionner capacity and perfornabce and indispensable support devices.

Satake Prefabricated Environment Test Chambers
Satake BalancedRoom-type Calorimeters Satake Psychrometric Calorimeters
Satake Secondary Refrigerant Compressor Calorimeters Satake Refrigerant Vapor flow Compressor Calorimeters
Satake Car Air Conditioner Bench Testing Devices Only a few examples are shown here

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